Why 'Abia dirty five' may never be identified or arrested


This is a rejoinder by by Nessa Nnamani on the five rapists who violently gangraped a lady in her twenties a shown in several news reports including EMNnews on Monday September 19, 2011. He x-trays the forces behind some criminal activities in the East and pointed out that powerful connections by the criminals may give way to impunity and continued power display by gangs with top connections. Please read.

Abia State governor, Theidor Orji

Some cultists at Enugu State University forced some female students to perform lesbian acts among themselves . They made so many disturbing videos of undergraduate female students having sex among themselves.

Luckily, the cultists and their videos were confiscated by the Nigerian Army (82 Division) in Enugu. The Army transferred the 20 cultists to the police and they were promptly released on the advice of the governor of the state and the powerful parents cum benefactors of the cultists. That was the end of the case. This happened on or around July 19, 2011.

These cultists are not ordinary students, some of them are pimps for powerful politicians (if you want to understand how powerful they are , then, envisage them as pimps  to the President, Governors, Senators, Royal Fathers of FRN and in addition they serve as  thugs/hit men for politicians). The cultists are very well protected within the school and they use expensive cars whereas they do not have regular work like regular people.

To add salt to the injury, the Abia State University and government issued a joint statement claiming that the incident did not happen at Abia State University and that the people in the video are not Abia State University Students.  That means that they saw the faces of the cultists in the video? For how can you deny that these men are not from ABSU when in fact you do not see their faces? This is a contradiction.

Chinedu Orji the first son of Gov T.A. Orji is a known cultist in Abia and he has always shielded his friends within. The same Chinedu was recently beaten mercilessly by Nigerian Soldiers because he went into a supermarket and ordered everybody in the supermarket to leave so he can shop. An army captain refused to yield to his demands, and then, Chinedu with his entourage started beating the army captain and chased him away. The army captain then made some phone calls and his army brothers landed and beat the governors’ son mercilessly to the extent that he got flown to London for treatments.  Chinedu and his father arranged that the army captain be kidnapped. The army captain got kidnapped and he may or may not still be with us as of now.

The five rapists are known and they walk around freely in ABSU just like the way IBB stole our billions of dollars and yet he walks freely among us. Nigeria is a failed state.

So what is preventing the young lady from coming out and telling us who raped her?  Mr. Ogundamisi Kayode’s article allegedly mentioned that she disrespected one of the guys on campus and that prompted the gang raping as a way of teaching her lesson. So how come we know why she was raped and yet do not know the victim or the rapists? So if the girl is not willing to come out and tell us what happened assuming she is still alive then there is not much anybody can do?
Serious questions need to be asked, was she one of those student prostitutes? Was she trying to double cross her pimps vis-à-vis money or was she just crying because she knew she was been video-taped etc? Even as that it is still very immoral and cruel to gang rape any person.

Would the republic of Biafra have saved Ndi-Igbo from all these atrocities? It may have been by the special grace of God that we did not realize Biafra at the time because we may have been gang raping and killing ourselves?  I wondered why no Igbo man ever had the courage to question Emeka Ojukwu on the death of Kaduna Chukwuma Nzeogwu. Story had it that Chukwuma was betrayed. RIP Kaduna. We will treat this subject separately later.
Ndi-Igbo please let us turn back to God. We will continue to suffer as long as we turn our back on the great “I AM”.

By Nessa Nnamani

Source: SR