Why former governor James Ibori pleaded guilty in London Courts

James Ibori

James Onanefe Ibori, the former governor of Delta state pleaded guilty to allegations of Corrupt practices and money laundering in a London High Court on Monday, ending almost two years of docking and diving as he runs around the world to avoid the long arms of the law, knowing the fact that he  engaged in financial misdeeds .

Alas!. The embattled former governor of Delta State bori has been hit below the belt and the blow on target is much venomous and painful as no amount of legal argument can save him from receiving jail sentence.

He now faces up to 10 years imprisonment but if his time of stay under confinement is considered, he could be spending less than four years in a United Kingdom prison.

However, the former governor, who has saved Goodluck Jonathan’s government is turning eyes away from other similar criminals through over -diversion of attention has played clever to avoid an exhaustive and revealing trial by deciding to admit to his massive money laundering activities during his two-term run as governor.

Now, he is to be spared a high cost of litigation representation.   He will now be sentenced on  April 16 and 17 2012, the dates the court has set aside for his judgement.

However, it is a double whammy blow landing on him as he is bound to lose millions in British government confiscation of his possessions as a confiscation  trial of all illegally acquired  funds will commence in August 20 this year by the court.

Ibori , appearing in Court on Monday was described as very sober, withdrawn, humiliated and visibly ashamed  that money has refused to work magic where high sense of  decency and  moral dictates are concerned.

He was said to have been advised by his lawyers that it might be difficult to win on any ground of no guilty plea  considering the fact that some of the facts of the case had been known to the court due to earlier cases against  two of his accomplices already serving jail terms in the United Kingdom.

The dangers of continuing on the no guilty pleas may be too expensive to pursue as available facts before the court may be difficult to be run over by his legal team.

With two of his accomplices already convicted on those available  facts last year, many facts of money laundering which had surfaced may prove too difficult to be disconnected from his own case.

“He has been cleverly  advised to bury his pride  and make a  plea of guilt because, already, any case of innocence pleas by him may be more difficult to win because already, his accomplice who had been jailed  were sent to prison based on concrete and well established evidence.

Analysts have put up a reason that since Ibori accomplices are still in prison serving their jail terms and it wouldbe impossible for the judge to to set him free despite the undeniable   and concrete evidences of money laundering