Why PDP failed the nation by ex Minister Bamanga Tukur

Dr Bamanga Tukur

Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, the former Minister and one of nation’s elder statesmen has said that the ruling People’s Democratic Party has failed the nation in meeting the objectives with which the party was founded.

He was commenting during a life television interview in London where he faced a panel of interviewers who was taking him on in a life interview about the state of the nation as she gears up for her  51st  Independence anniversary.

He said he was in a  very good position to assess the performance of the party as a foundation member and concluded that the party has failed the nation.

He claimed PDP was founded as a party with intention of allowing its tentacles spread across the  West Africa coast and beyond  as a formidable party for  Africans, but he said he was disappointed that  the nation has witnessed a complete deviation from the original goals of the party with insincerity and lack of strong leadership derailing those goals.

According to him, the essence of governance is to be able to deliver to the people who gave the mandate, but claimed those mandate were abused through lack of proper planning and defined direction.

He said as a politician, you must be able to get the consensus and mandate of the people and as long as that mandate has been given, the onus is on the  elected to deliver

“It is the party that gives ticket to the leadership so they can deliver on the peoples’ needs; education, transportation, agriculture and so on.”, he said

“Like an architect, that is the role of the leadership to shape up things and if the structure got altered, then the structure will not meet the dreams of the architect.”, he said claiming the original structure of PDP had been altered through lack of strong leadership and original designed direction.

He traced the genesis of PDP and claimed it was founded on a mission of bringing the best governance to the African continent as the best result oriented political party.

He placed what he called the failure of the party to the doorsteps of the leadership which he said derailed the main party objectives.

“ When we started the gathering of men of purpose, prior to the establishment of the party, we went to every nooks and corners to gather idea and information about the needs of our citizens” he said, claiming there were bundles of gathered ideas from demand for road works and power request to the development of Agriculture, water and infrastructures.

He claimed PDP did its homework to bring about best governance to the nation but the ineffectiveness of the party’s leadership in acting as proper checks and balances caused the party to derail from its original goal.

Dr Tukur said it was the duty of the party’s leadership to call members into order if  they are derailing. But lack of effective drive by the leadership created a huge loophole which had caused the party to falter.

The former Nigeria Ports Authority Managing Director claimed many politicians deviated from the original manifestoes of the party to pursue their personal goals, refusing to tow the party lines.

According to him,  many party stalwarts were cutting corners and there were no checks and balances to call them to order.

“The nation should be a cooperated body, developing its values and creating wealth but many are cutting corners and are pursuing personal interests”, he said.

According to him, PDP has been losing rapidly because of its failure to meet the needs of both low and middle class, referring especially to last election loses in the South-West.

He opined that government must be in partnership with the governed with the later giving the mandate and the former delivering through creation of wealth; make laws and be accountable and transparent. If you get it right, people will be motivated if you get it wrong then confidence is lost” he said.

He added that  it was the duty of the government to make the people inclusive and well integrated with good values, providing education, develop  agriculture and other essential needs.

He is of the opinion that  all this can be achieved through collective efforts and if no unity, all parties will lose out.

He  said he has started the new drive to bring the party back to balance currently vying for the Chairmanship of the party.

“I am seeking for a new democratic process of elction as the new chairman of the party and as soon as such mandate is given, the party will be driven back to balance”, he concluded