Wife Helps Hubby Gang-Rape Another Woman

legal-concept-with-gave-books-and-weight-scaleThirty year -old  Pista Devi  assisted her husband and his friend to gang rape another woman for two days in Morena district,

of India, The Times of India has reported

The rape victim  survivor was kept confined in the room on the premises of a shrine Temple until she managed to escape. The incident took place at a temple in Sabalgarh area, which is 75 km away from Morena town.She was taken to the temple on October 3 by her acquaintance Pista Devi on the pretext of getting her a job as a cook. But, as soon as they reached the temple, she was overpowered by Pista Devi’s husband Kallu Jogi and Ravi. They kept her in confinement for two days. She managed to flee on and narrate the ordeal to her family.A case of gang rape has been registered. Apart from the two, the woman, Pista Devi has also been booked. The temple is located at a faraway place and not many visitors go there. Morena police are investigating the case.