Wife Hide Hubby’s Dead Body In Room For Three Years


Nigeria policeThe body of a  father of six has been discovered hidden in a room three years after he died from a mysterious circumstances.

Jimoh Olatunji Shittu who  died in 2012 under strange circumstances was embalmed by the wife Joy Olatunji Shittu with the knowledge of two remaining daughters of the family .

Both mother and her two daughters have been arrested and transferred to State CID Police Headquarters in Panti, Yaba.

The discovery was made in Ifako-Ijaiye  in Lagos metropolis where 60 year old  Joy Olatunji Shittu  resides with her two daughters. They are both responding to questioning from the Lagos state CID on why the body was refused interment after the man’s death over two years ago.
Express Ng reports that she was arrested alongside  her two daughters, Aishat and Toyin have been
The matter is now under criminal investigation at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos.

The two daughters of the family, Aishat and Toyin were both under arrest while their mum is currently being interrogated by the Police in Lagos State.

They were all arrested from their abode, their family home  at 14b, Olaitan Mustapha, off Clem road, Ifako-Ijaiye, Ojokoro area of Lagos.

It was established that  the deceased, Jimoh Olatunji Shittu, died in 2012 under strange circumstances which the family did not want to reveal.

But as interrogation had commenced, Joy claimed that  her late hubby was bed-ridden due to a strange ailment  for eight years before eventually  died.

Joy claimed that immediately after his death, his body was taken to his building site in  Delta State for interment on his  owned land only to discover that the land been given away  to another buyer  who prevented the burial. The body was however taken back to Lagos where the family members  apply chemical in the continued embalmment effort to preserve the body. Investigation continues.

The strange discovery was come-by following a tip-off from neighbours who alerted the  Police from  Ojokoro Police Division area of Lagos. The security men then   stormed the residence and arrested the family.

According to sources, t the woman  and her daughters applied the  regular use of chemicals to embalm the dead body preserved in a room. The three members according to  neighbours were the only occupants of the block of four flats where they live.

Another neighbour said that since 2012 when the man died, four of his children have also died in mysterious and suspicious circumstances which may also attract Police investigation.

Curiously, investigations revealed that Joy told the police that she did not tell her husband’s family about his death because she was not in cordial relationship with them.

The police retrieved the corpse and deposited it at a mortuary for autopsy and arrested the three suspects and immediately transferred them to SCID, Panti.

In an interview during the investigation, Joy claimed she  allegedly hid her husband’s because  her husband instructed her to do so, while he was alive.

According to Mrs Shittu, “the decision to hide the corpse was my husband’s dying wish because our family has been under severe attack.

“I got married to my husband in 1973, and before he died in 2013, we had six children. But two of my sons died mysteriously after their university education; two others got missing, while my two daughters are the only ones alive.

“It has been a running battle that started after we acquired a landed property in Ifako-Ijaiye about 20 years ago. My husband and I erected a storey building but some people in the neighbourhood who masterminded the arrest of my daughters are the ones responsible for all that have befallen my family.

“While my husband was alive, they tried to sell off our house because of the strategic location of the building but he refused. “A particular neighbour (names withheld) who is very diabolical, threatened to deal with him (my husband) for refusing to sell our house.

“Later, two of my children died mysteriously and two others went missing too. My two sons that died mysteriously woke up shouting the names of these same people in their dream.

“They became very sick and before we could take them to the hospital, they died. “At the peak of the crisis, Adebayo hit my husband with a charm and that was when he became sick. He was sick for eight years. “We kept taking him from one place to another, one hospital to another till he finally passed on.

“Because of all these attacks, my husband gave instruction that if he eventually dies, we should not tell anybody and that he would give us a sign for us to know it was the right time for him to be buried.

“We hid the corpse of my late husband for two years in one of the rooms in the house because we did not want people to know he was dead for fear of them attacking us and selling off our house.

“We did not tell my in-laws that he is dead; they only knew that he was sick.” The emotional widow told Vanguard that she had been very sick, which was why she travelled to Edo State, only for her to be told that her children had been arrested by the police for hiding the corpse.

The case is currently being investigated at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba.