Woman ends partners life in swipe anger after divorce threat

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A minor squabble between a married couple ended the life of one of the partners after  threatening to call it a day and put a stop to the relationship.

The wife pulled the handbreak of the car both of them  were traveling just as the man  got angry and threatened to end the relationship. They had been married for nine years.

She unconsciously pulled on the handbrake at 60mph causing the car to summersault a row, a court has been told.

Caroline Meeking, 45, allegedly locked the rear wheels of the Ford Escort after husband Alan, 49, who was driving, called her a ‘slut’ and told her he was leaving her.

The car skidded for 20 yards and smashed side-on into an oncoming Rover which was travelling at 50mph, killing Mr Meeking instantly.

Trial: Caroline Meeking, right, arrives at Bristol Crown courtTrial: Caroline Meeking, right, arrives at Bristol Crown court

Accused: Caroline Meeking leaves court, where she is on trial for manslaughterAccused: Caroline Meeking is on trial for manslaughter

His wife of nine years survived and passing motorists found her weeping over his body screaming: ‘I’m so sorry, Alan don’t leave me,’, a jury was told.

The tragedy happened at 10.22pm on August 30 last year as the couple – who ran a cattery – drove home to Illminster, Somerset, along the A3088 after a day trip to Bridport, Dorset, where they had enjoyed lunch before going on to a pub.

Ian Dixie, prosecuting at Bristol Crown Court, said Mr Meeking was twice the drink-drive limit and the couple had a 30-minute row as they drove home over her father.

He added: ‘One witness recalled  her as saying, “It is all my fault, we were having an argument. He said  he did-n’t want me anymore and I  just pulled the handbrake. He  called me a dirty slut, he was going to leave me.”’

Tragic: Alan Meeking, 49, died at the scene of the crashTragic: Alan Meeking, 49, died at the scene of the crash

Meeking wept uncontrollably throughout the evidence on the first day of the trial yesterday.

The court was told that in a police interview she said they had never argued in such a bad way.

She told officers: ‘He was telling me I was good for nothing. I thought to myself, all I have to do is keep quiet and he’ll stop. He was just going on and on and all I wanted him to do was stop.

‘I asked him to stop. He was just jabbering on. I said, “Please just stop, I want to get out.” [He replied] “you’re a good for nothing ****.” That’s the last words I heard.

‘I remember reaching for the handbrake and thinking “it will stop”.’ 

Meeking told police she was not ‘mechanically minded’, adding: ‘I thought the car would gradually come to a stop.’

Metal from the Escort crumpled around the driver’s side, causing Mr Meeking to sustain multiple injuries

She denies manslaughter.

The trial continues.

Bristol Crown Court: The trial is ongoing, with Mrs Meeking denying manslaughterBristol Crown Court: The trial is ongoing, with Mrs Meeking denying manslaughter

Source: Daily Mail