World Cup 2110: Excellent preparation as fans security top the list of plans


World Cup stadia South African Company has launched a major awareness survey to establish what are  the turn offs or high hopes for football fans across the world who may be willing to come to South Africa for the tournament.

It is the intention of the survey to make the feelings of  fans across the world known about the tournament so that necessary adjustment would be made, come this summer in South Africa.

The global fan survey is to The aim is to establish  why fans may not be travelling to South Africa and for those fans that are travelling,  it would enable them to map out  travel patterns, destination local awareness while also touching on their perceptions, reservations and concerns about visiting the country.

Souces claimed have launched the scheme  to try to have  better understanding of the feelings  of football fans travelling to South Africa for the World Cup later this year.

This is the first time that a survey of this nature has been conducted and the The Global Fan Survey is aimed at fans from outside of South Africa. A similar survey of  supporters in South Africa also have been carried out. To  answer a survey specifically set up for them.

“The aim is to understand why fans may not be travelling to South Africa. For those fans that are travelling, this survey will be mapping travel patterns, destination awareness and their perceptions and concerns about visiting the country”, officials claimed..

Summaries of the results of both surveys are made available online as soon as survey forms are submitted.  Interested fans are being referred to fill up a form if they are interested so that their feeling could be know and taken into account.

If you are interested in taking part in the survey, click here.

The surveys are endorsed by Cape Town Tourism and have been compiled with input from SA Tourism and Grant Thornton.

I another development a pay windfall are to rain on three Europeans countries and a motivational move to enable them win the cup. Spain Brazil and England have announced record compensations if the countries won the cup

Every member of the Spanish World Cup squad travelling to South Africa later this year will pick up a cool €550,000 if they win the World Cup.

This is the largest known bonus figure for any squad and more than doubles what the Spanish squad won when winning the Euro 2008.

Brazil, are offering to pay each player  €300,000, and England  will pay out €450,000 a man.

Questions however are being asked as to whether some of the countries are spoiling the game through over pampering of the players since most of the appearing  players really are incentivised already by money.

Glittering! The world cupObservers said “There is so much money in the game these days and you can be sure that most lining up for the likes of England, Spain and Brazil are already multi-millionaires; shouldn’t they want to win for pride for their nations rather than for the money?

World Cup kicks off in about  81 days and among the artist line up for the opening ceremony as announced during the week are Shakira, John Legend, Angelique Kidjo, Alicia Keys and Black Eyed Peas.

The will alll perform at a concert in South Africa that will officially open the 2010 World Cup in South Africa on June 10th.

The concert will take place in Johannesburg and will also feature musical performances by popular African artists and appearances by past and present football legends.

Proceeds from the concert will be used for 20 Centres for 2010, a charity campaign dedicated to building twenty Football for Hope Centres for public health, education and football across Africa.

The concert will start at 8:00 p.m. local time (GMT+2) at the newly-renovated Orlando Stadium in Soweto/Johannesburg.


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