World Travel Market 2011: Players seek for a more dignified tourism future

WTM 2011: Another landslide success

The 2011 World Travel Market has come and gone with the global travelling market urging the world to temper businesses with application of human rights principles.

Tourism concern, the universal tourism body has urged the global tourism industry to take human rights approach very seriously in day to day transaction of travelling trade.

“No-one wants holidays that abuse human rights”, the world travel industry was told.

Launching a new briefing paper at World Travel Market in London, Tourism Concern director Tricia Barnett told the travel industry that integrating human rights into company policies and activities is “the right thing to do”.

She was briefing tour operators on ‘Why the tourism industry needs to take a human rights approach: The business case’, at ExCel, during this year’s World Travel Market which attracted hundreds of participants and several hundreds of thousands of visitors and business negotiators.

According to Barnet, sustainability can only be realised if the development and operation of tourism is embedded upon a respect for human rights, including the rights of marginalised communities in destinations that suffer the negative impacts of tourism.

“No-one wants to go on holiday thinking that they are part of a process that could be abusing human rights,” said Barnett, continuing: She concluded:”Of course they would never know.

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Human rights abuses are hidden. Who would think that the water that’s filling their pool might mean that locals can’t access clean water for themselves? According to the travelling guru, respective government are liable of those laxities and are mainly to be held responsible when they fail to uphold the rights of their citizens”.

Barnet said the travel businesses world are held responsible when they don’t pay due care to respect human rights adding:”There is an onus on them to ensure that they are not complicit in rights violations. Our new report highlights new thinking in this area and seeks to begin a dialogue on how
to move forward”

Tourism Concern said the adoption of a human rights approach would align the tourism industry with wider international business consensus. Why the tourism industry needs to take a human rights approach: The business case, at WTM at 11am in North Gallery Room 8.

I Speaking at a different forum at the World Travel Market 2011 in London, David Scowsill, President & CEO of World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC) said: “Travel & Tourism is one of the world’s great industries, providing 9% of global GDP and 260 million jobs; it drives economic growth, business relationships and social mobility.

He claimed Tourism industry is still growing strongly regretting that growth has been lower than earlier anticipated for both 2011 and 2012 due to the prevailing economic conditions and the disruption to travel patterns caused by natural disasters and social upheaval during 2011.

“That said, growth of 3.2% during 2011 would still be a laudable achievement and would rank the Travel & Tourism industry ahead of world GDP growth, expected to be 2.8%, and most developed countries”.

Organisers of World’s most influential Travel fair, Reeds Travel Exhibitions are the World’s leading provider in exhibition of Travel and tourism Industry.

Fiona Jeffery, Reeds Travel Exhibition Director of WTM told about 500 delegate of senior travel executives that

Travel and Tourism supported by government must strengthen efforts to justifiably and actively get involved in what is now deemed a by the entire world as a fashionable.

She was commenting on a main key note address to commemorate World responsible Tourism Day, which fell on the WTM exhibition period.

She opined that that companies should strive to strike a balance between profit making and principles of prudent corporate social responsibility.

“Malnutrition, poverty and lack of clean drinking water form a vicious circle in which children who survive their early years are denied the chance to educate themselves out of deprivation as a result of continued poverty and family needs”.

“ The travel and tourism industry is perhaps better placed than most to make to make a vital contribution in the fight against these complex issues”

Leo Hickman, journalist and author of the Final Call which examined the trade attitude to responsible tourism said the travel industry needed to become more forward thinking if it is to survive the test thrown at it in the future
He commented while on the HOT SEAT of the World Responsible Tourism Day marked at the year’s World Trade Market.

He said there was enough evidence to demonstrate that not much plan is being drawn for the future, urging that journalists had a role to play in asking more difficult questions of the travelling industry to ensure it is doing everything it can to protect the actual product that it is selling.

2011 Tourism: All is a tale of success 

The first day of World Travel Market 2011, the leading global event for the travel industry, was a resounding success with exhibitor invitations visitors up a massive 14% on WTM 2010.

The Monday of WTM is an Exhibitor Invite only day with the aim of allowing exhibitors to hold discussions and negotiations with those people that they want to conduct business with.

The first day of WTM 2011 saw more than 7,600 (7,614) Exhibitor Invitations visitors attend, according to unaudited figures.

More than 200 of the exhibitor invitees buyers took part in the highly successful Speed Networking session, which took place for the first time before the exhibition opened to allow even more time for exhibitors and buyers from WTM Meridian Club to negotiate and conclude deals at WTM 2011.

Furthermore, 40 luxury travel buyers had pre-scheduled business appointments with 40 luxury travel brands in the session – A Taste of ILTM at WTM. It is the first time WTM has hosted a pre-scheduled appointment session.

Overall, total attendance on the first day at WTM 2011 was 8% up on WTM 2010 with almost 23,000 (22,913) participants, with exhibitors 4% higher than at WTM 2010 reveals the raw data.

Reed Travel Exhibitions Director Simon Press said: “I am delighted with the attendance figures for the day of WTM 2011. World Travel Market is all about exhibitors doing business with WTM Meridian Club buyers. The exhibitor invitation policy for the day of WTM was introduced to allow exhibitors to negotiate business deals with those people they want to sign contracts with.

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