World Travel Market: Sally Mbanefo Woos The World To Nigeria’s Stand

Mbanefor, Calling On The World: Think Nigeria as a destination



Mbanefor, Calling On The World: Think Nigeria as a destination
Mbanefo, Calling On The World: Think Nigeria as a destination and have a wonderful  lifetime of Tourism Experience.

World Travel Market: Sally Mbanefo Woos The World To Nigeria’s Stand-Newly-appointed Director-General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC), Mrs. Sally Mbanefo, breezed to London on Monday for this year’s World Travel Market calling on the World to think Nigeria and visit the nation’s stand for a lifetime memory of the Nigeria Tourism vision and experience.

“We have the best destination in the World and Nigeria is a dream place for every tourist that knows his own taste”, she said as she consolidated her arrival to this year’s WTM pavilion on the Africa’s section of the venue.

She also enjoined  all Nigerians in Europe to come and have a feel of the home culture and traditional celebrations.

According to her,  Nigerians tourism starts with every Nigerian and to be part of the World event, there must be general participation.

By Fatai Ogunribido and Dare Lasisi,  EXCEL, London

The new Director-General  was living up to her earlier promise of involving all segments of the Nigerian tourism trade and culture and tradition enthusiasts   as part of her vision of  Tourism development in Nigeria.

She however made a clarion call to all foreigners who have had the opportunity of visiting the country and enjoying her vibrant culture and distinct lifestyle:

“If you’ve enjoyed Nigeria’s hospitality, tell the whole world, and come around and take home a new memory of a life time”

Mrs Mbanefo called on all opportune foreigners who once have lived in Nigeria and enjoyed the warm hospitality of Nigerians  to relay the experience and goodwill messages to the outside world rather than putting up a selfish posture of relishing their experience.

“We are a unique nation. Our uniqueness is well celebrated across the World and we have more of those traits that make us special to give to the World in this year’s World Trade Market”, she expressed as she spoke to participant at the Nigeria’s stand at the famous   London’s Excel.

Having a brief chat with some journalists at the opening later, she said: ” I am calling on the World to think positive about Nigeria. We as a nation have been bruised and brutalized unjustifiable because we are so envied. Those who know us will attest to the way we are as a unique people. We have bad eggs in most countries of the world. The majority of Nigerians is friendly and hospitable. Several non-Nigerians who grew up or worked in Nigeria will attest to the fact that we are a breed of culturally endowed people with uniqueness of life style and traditional end”

She urged those who have lived in Nigeria before: “ Share your  fantastic experiences and let the World know what you have enjoyed in Nigeria. We need you to tell the truth and boost our tourism in Nigeria.”

As the day was gracing,  Mrs.Mbanefo, who is a trained lawyer  met the Culture and Tourism ministers from both Malawi and Gambia.

Hon.Moses Kunnuyu and Gambia’s  Fatou M.Njie breezed into the Nigerian stand to discuss business and investment opportunities in West Africa.

SallyWorld Travel Market is an annual event attracting business investors and tourism experts  from every corner of the world.

On assumption of office, Mbanefor had urged that she would want Nigerians in the tourism sector to be well involved in  tourism promotion, assuring her goal was to  get Nigerians to be proud of their tourism heritage and industry.

“This is my first WTM event. I will appreciate the support of the media to promote my efforts to attract foreign investors and tourists for Nigeria. I will explain details during the press conference.”

Mbanefo’s messages also dwelt heavily on the need for accountability, discipline and integrity as the watchword of the new NTDC adding that she operates an open door management style that seeks to ensure free flow of communication that would enable a team spirit function under her regime. Her current style of Tourism has carried along such avowed pledges. She mixed freely on Monday and was engaging with all that was on sight, a different posture from what had obtained in the past.

The NTDC Boss is going to address the world press conference at the Nigeria’s stand on Wednesday 6th November,2013 at 11am prompt.

DAY I at the Nigerian Stand of World Travel Market:


From Fatai Ogunribido And Dare Lasisi