Your Christmas Turkey and Pastor Adeboye”s Private Jet



 The Television Network Al Jazeera  few months back featured Pastor  Enoch  Adeboye who opined that his aquisition of a private Jet is necessary for  the efficiency of his assignments as the General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God. This stirred debates   on social networking sites.
 I have tried to follow the arguments for  and against  this  private jet by a faith based  and non profit organistion
. We  are informed this jet was delivered to the RCCG in Nigeria shortly after the 67th birthday   anniversary of Pastor Adeboyet  then in 2009.. This Private jet has  been seen in some quarters as a birthday gift.
.Nigerian critics  are of course  making a mistake. RCCG is a Global Church. Its not a Nigerian Church. Pastor Adeboye belongs to People in over 100 countries.He is not just accountable to Nigerians .With  over  5 million members worldwide it would take  about 60 naira a month from each member of RCCG  to purchase a Private Jet.Of course some members of RCCG would have been more than ready to donate  more than 60 naira a  month..60 naira may be a lot by Nigerian standards but by European a  American,Asian and Midddleast standards it is insignificant.If you desire private Aviation, you do not need to buy a private Jet.There are some organisations ready to hire out Prvate jets at anytime and anywhere in the world.You are free to fly as long as you like or as little as you like.You only pay for the time you fly.This saves money.This is something for the Pastors and CEOs.InformationTechnology has made this possible.
We all have our private Jets.That Christmas Turkey,those  pair of shoes purchased exclusively for Easter ,that bottle of Champagne opened to usher in the New year all equate to having Private Jets.Much has been said of bringing Christ back into Christmas.How often do we think about the hungry when on the dinning table during Easter,Christmas or New Year?
 Why should we be complaining about over 5 miilion people who have voluntarily come together to buy a Private Jet for their Pastor who they refer to as” Daddy”. Similar things happen on a small scale almost every Saturday in Nigeria. We have no quarrels about  5 children who have pulled their resources together to buy a Luxury Automobile as birthday present for their Father or Mother. 
    Pator Adeboye has come along way.He revealed that well into his teenage years,he was without his own pair of shoes.He also  revealed that the day his father bought an umbrella ,his siblings all celebrated! Its like History is repeating itself but this time on a larger scale.This private jet takes the place of the Umbrella bought by Pastor Adeboyes father,and of course the members of  RCCG  are  not supposed to be envious about this purchase of a private Jet. Instead they celebrate that he(Daddy) has taken the Church well into the 21st century even though metaphorically,they all all without theit own pair  of shoes.
Unfortunately, I do not know anything about Pastor Adeboyes mother. But I just thought of what could have happened if Pastor Adeboyes mother way back had managed to save enough money to buy an umbrella.Would she have bought an Umbrella, realising that her son was without his own pair of shoes?  Knowing what we know of “sweet Mother”,Pastor Adeboyes Mother might have chosen to buy her son a pair of shoes,bracing the blazing Sun and heavy rainfall,believing that her son would one day be financialy strong enough to buy her not only an Umbrella,but a house and a Private Jet!
 It is not exactly known if Pastor Adeboyes Father had a  pair of shoes at the time he bought his Umbrella. If Pastor Adeboyes Father had at least a pair of shoes,then some would have thought it wise for him to have postponed the purchase of the Umbrella and instead spend it on apair of shoes for his son.The problem would have stemmed from the fact that Pastor Adeboye had his siblings to contend with.If his siblings were also without their own pair of shoes,his Father might have been accused of favouritism.This could  have led to some measures of disharmony .We all know what happened to Joseph and his Brothers in the Bible..O f course I would not know what the price of an Umbrella was in those days compared to the cost of pair of shoes.Pastor Adeboyes Father might have served his own Faher dilligently and selflessly and so could not see any reason why he ought to have sacrificed his Umbrella for a pair of shoes believing that his son would grow up to become a  man capable of taking care of himself.