Zain Nigeria appoints new CEO

Zain Nigeria has been going from strength to strength
Zain Nigeria has been going from strength to strength

Mr Alain Sainte- Marie has emerged the new Chief Executive of Zain Nigeria. This followed a major re-organisation carried out by the Board of Directors of the Company recently during a scheduled  meeting.

Sainte- Marie who replaces Bayo Ligali assumed his first post in Nigeria as the special assistant to Mr Ligali  on Business Development for Zain, focussing  more on coporate cultures of the company which he perfected.

Among other functions,  Mr Sainte-Marie on assumption of office aims to ensure Zain’s continuing market expansion and he is expected to  intensify  its quest for the communication industry’s leadership status in Nigeria.

The new chief executive succeeds Mr. Ligali who has moved on to pursue other interests after a three-year stint as CEO of the telecommunications giant.

Sainte-Marie’s experience has spanned well over 24 years and he has been described as a major institution on information Technology business.

He proved a real worthy leader as the henchman in Zain Gabon where he held the same position until recently having fired up the company to its historic highest level of achievement.

He has  been credited as having maintained a track record as an achiever who helped Zain Garbon’s retention as a market leader, holding up  its stripe as the highest ARPU among other Operations of Zain in the entire Africa.

‘The challenges in Nigeria will even enable him to achieve a higher feat than his old record in Garbon’, projected a source which claimed that ‘the current conducive atmosphere in communication industry in Nigeria will definitely enhance his productivity status  more as a record breaking achiever .

By Isaac Fadeyibi, Lagos, Nigeria.