Racial Jive: South Africa Demands Explanation As Zambia VP Says:”I Hate Jacob Zuma And South Africans


scott Diplomatic altercations have brewed between South Africa and Zambia following a racial outburst by the later’s Vice president who declared he hated South Africans and President Jacob Zuma during a foreign press interview. He had openly expressed his resentment of the president and described South Africa as arrogant.

South African Government has demanded an explanation from Zambia , after VP Guy Scott claims he hated South Africans and likened Jacob Zuma to former Apartheid ruler, FW De Klerk.

Guy Scott   launched an unholy assault on South Africa and her leadership, describing the country as trouble brewer, backward and arrogant and comparing President Jacob Zuma to the last apartheid leader, FW de Klerk.

“I hate South Africans. That’s not a fair thing to say because I like a lot of South Africans but they really think they’re the bees’ knees and actually they’ve been the cause of so much trouble in this part of the world.

“I dislike South Africa for the same reason that Latin Americans dislike the United States, I think. It’s just too big and too unsubtle,” he is quoted as saying.

Scott spoke to  UK Guardian newspaper after arriving from  Margaret Thatcher’s recent funeral describing the South African people as arrogant: “The South Africans are very backward in terms of historical development,”

In the report, he also blasted South Africa’s involvement in the BRICS: “Nobody would want to go in for a partnership with Brazil, China, India and South Africa for Christ’s sake.”

The 68-year-old vice president also made reference to Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, pointing out: “I’m sure any good African nationalist admires Mugabe,”.

He reportedly described Mugabe as an “articulate, funny chap” who falls asleep and “then suddenly laughs at a joke while in the middle of dozing”.

Dr Scott also made further comments on the Patriotic Front’s stance on homosexuality following the arrest of gay rights activist Paul Kasonkomona, insulting  Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe in some unholy racial remarks.

Scott’s folly however was exposed when he continued in his assault and labeling  Zuma’s as arrogance on handling the political conflict in Zimbabwe, describing Zuma as “very like De Klerk” and accusing the South African president of trying to monopolise the SADC facilitation by apparently saying: “You just leave Zimbabwe to me.”

His accusations however were seen as personal and politically motivated as he was apparently not comfortable  with South Africa’s foreign policy on Zimbabwe and towards Zambia, seeing South Africa as playing out the interest of Zambia in today’s Zimbabwe.

Zuma3However, his interviewer, David Smith of The Guardian presenting the report presented Scott in glowing appraisals describing him as one of the most colourful men in African politics.

Below is his report  for the  United kingdom Guardian:

One of the most colourful men in African politics happens to be white. Guy Scott is the vice-president of Zambia but his race is probably the least exceptional thing about him.

On a recent afternoon in the capital, Lusaka, Scott held court with the kind of candour – and eccentricity – seldom heard from today’s media-honed political class. He dismissed South Africans as “backward”, insisted that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe wants to quit, and discussed Zambia by way of references to Marlon Brando and the Klingon empire.

The 68-year-old grandfather was just back from Margaret Thatcher’s funeral in London when he took the Guardian on an impromptu tour of an emerald auction at the InterContinental Lusaka hotel. Discussing similar auctions in India with a deferential salesman, Scott said: “Jaipur is a terrible dump. It produces nothing but zinc.”

As officials fluttered around him, Scott, wearing a dark suit, blue striped shirt and blue and red tie, was informed that the Hollywood actor Mila Kunis recently visited a local mine as an “ambassador” for Zambian emeralds. “How come I didn’t see her?” he pondered morosely.

The son of English and Scottish immigrants – his father Alexander was also an MP here – Scott then gave an interview that wasted little time on diplomatic language. Discussing neighbouring Zimbabwe, where Mugabe has ruled for 33 years, he disclosed: “I think if you asked him he’d say it was enough. That’s what he said to us a few months ago. I said the way forward in African democracy is the way we do it in Zambia. He said, ‘I absolutely agree, I wish it would happen to me.'”

Scott’s outburst however has aggrieved Zambia’s national Newspaper, The Post, and in one of its publications detesting Scotts unguided outburst described him as in its headline as the “most stupid white man;” a theme that has been picked up by a number of other state media houses.